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My natural healing:

- Natural healing of diabetes

- Natural healing of chronic diseases

- Natural healing of cancers

- Natural healing of anxiety, worry, fear, grief and depression

- Natural healing of skin conditions  

- Natural healing of circulatory and heart problems

​- Natural healing of skin conditions

- Natural healing of digestive issues

- Natural healing of reproductive issus

How I do it:

I tap in to your higher self to invoke energies to help you heal yourself.

I clear congested, unwanted energy which surround you and re-energize you with clean energies

It works!

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​A voice message from Donna .....

Natural Healing


​Trenna (sister of Tannia Fortier, interviewed on "Better and Better"

I felt compelled to write you a little note this morning. Just wanted to say thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job interviewing my sister about our business. You did an amazing job at capturing who she is and what "WE" at HEELERZ gemstones are all about.
 I felt so honest, just a couple of gals having an honest conversation. Thank you again for making it feel authentic.
 Hugs to you


Lisa Stein:

"I did not know what a Faith Healer was but my friend suggested I see Donna. I had just returned from three months in rehab for treatment of alcohol and drug addictions, sexual abuse and childhood trauma........"  read more from Lisa Stein

Jean Hudson:

"I can't describe exactly how Donna does what she does, but I can attest to the nature of the woman and the power of her work....." read more from Jean Hudson

Christine Binns:

"The pranic healing session I had with Donna was a first experience for me. Donna could tell that I struggle to stay focused and that I often feel drawn in many directions. .." read more from Christine Binns

Bonnie Earl

"Donna has a grounding presence that inspires. She listened beyond my words to where I was at in my health and life. Her gentle "energy" healing left me feeling rejuvenated and blessed that I was on the right path. Time with Donna was a touch from the Divine."

Bonnie Earl
Women's Empowerment Mentor
Art of Feminine Presence Teacher

​Dana, High River, AB

"My body was going through debilitating Thyroid Symptoms such as Lethargy beyond belief, interrupted sleeping patterns, heavy fogged thoughts, exhausted to write more than 10 words on paper (no kidding) and many more conditions were holding me in a fixed way of being, very unhealthy...." read more from Dana